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commit a99cc4dcc0ec08b65562948bec3aa57cbb70b9bd
parent 7620e54f25083e300173a750ec8da4969c2a9b7e
Author: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <>
Date:   Mon, 18 Dec 2017 12:35:36 +0000

[as-z80] Add undocumented (and strange) rotate operations

These are really strange operations, and they are usually not used.
I have to verify how R800 works with these instructions.

Mas/target/x80/x80.dat | 16++++++++++++++++
1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/as/target/x80/x80.dat b/as/target/x80/x80.dat @@ -249,38 +249,54 @@ RLC r 2 0xcb,0x00 r8 Z80,R800 RLC (HL) 2 0xcb,0x06 noargs Z80,R800 RLC (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x06 idx Z80,R800 RLC (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x06 idx Z80,R800 +RLC (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x00 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +RLC (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x00 idx_r8 Z80,R800 RL r 2 0xcb,0x10 r8 Z80,R800 RL (HL) 2 0xcb,0x16 noargs Z80,R800 RL (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x16 idx Z80,R800 RL (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x16 idx Z80,R800 +RL (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x10 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +RL (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x10 idx_r8 Z80,R800 RRC r 2 0xcb,0x08 r8 Z80,R800 RRC (HL) 2 0xcb,0x06 noargs Z80,R800 RRC (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x06 idx Z80,R800 RRC (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x06 idx Z80,R800 +RRC (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x08 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +RRC (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x08 idx_r8 Z80,R800 RR r 2 0xcb,0x18 r8 Z80,R800 RR (HL) 2 0xcb,0x1e noargs Z80,R800 RR (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x1e idx Z80,R800 RR (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x1e idx Z80,R800 +RR (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x18 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +RR (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x18 idx_r8 Z80,R800 SLA r 2 0xcb,0x20 r8 Z80,R800 SLA (HL) 2 0xcb,0x26 noargs Z80,R800 SLA (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x26 idx Z80,R800 SLA (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x26 idx Z80,R800 +SLA (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x20 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +SLA (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x20 idx_r8 Z80,R800 SLL r 2 0xcb,0x30 r8 Z80 SLL (HL) 2 0xcb,0x36 noargs Z80 SLL (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x36 idx Z80 SLL (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x36 idx Z80 +SLL (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x30 idx_r8 Z80 +SLL (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x30 idx_r8 Z80 SRA r 2 0xcb,0x28 r8 Z80,R800 SRA (HL) 2 0xcb,0x2e noargs Z80,R800 SRA (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x2e idx Z80,R800 SRA (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x2e idx Z80,R800 +SRA (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x28 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +SRA (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x28 idx_r8 Z80,R800 SRL r 2 0xcb,0x38 r8 Z80,R800 SRL (HL) 2 0xcb,0x3e noargs Z80,R800 SRL (IX+n) 4 0xdd,0xcb,0x3e idx Z80,R800 SRL (IY+n) 4 0xfd,0xcb,0x3e idx Z80,R800 +SRL (IX+n),r 4 0xdd,0xcb,0,0x38 idx_r8 Z80,R800 +SRL (IY+n),r 4 0xfd,0xcb,0,0x38 idx_r8 Z80,R800